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The Darcys – Centerfold

The Darcys – Centerfold (Arts & Crafts, 2016)

After dropping four singles in anticipation of this album, The Darcys, a Toronto-based two-piece band, have finally released their fourth album, Centerfold. This project is something a little different from their usual sound. The bleak tone and heavier sounds of their previous albums are now replaced with electro-pop funky freshness. Lead singer Jason Couse’s silky smooth voice guides the album. Another surprise is the way the album is produced—it has normally been on the darker side, on this record, it has an 80s and 90s pop vibe—Prince is a clear inspiration in particular. The main attraction when it comes to this project: it’s just so goddamn cool. Suave instrumentals on the part of Couse and Wes Marskell radiate swagger on every track. The lead single, “Miracle,” is honestly one of the most fun pop songs to come out this year. The old-school vibe of the entire album, combined with the simple but fantastic vocals makes this one of the best Canadian albums of the year.

Trial Track: “Miracle”


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