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QUICKSPINS: Roddy Ricch – Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

Roddy Ricch is an honest, creative rapper with the musicality of a singer

Roddy Ricch has steadily been making noise in the hip hop world with his Feed Tha Streets mixtape series, and his talent was officially recognized this year with a Grammy nomination.

The Compton rapper’s debut album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, has arrived, solidifying the 21-year-old’s position in the genre as an undeniable talent.

In an age where hip hop is divided between conscious rap and shallow, catchy content, Roddy provides for a unique combination of catchy flows and meaningful lyrics, all while maintaining an underlying theme of motivation.

Each track seems to alternate between softer, melodic songs touching on themes like relationships and heartbreak, and more upbeat, heavy-hitting tracks.

Roddy constantly speaks about the tribulations of his “former” life, all while providing motivational reminders to his audience – a refreshing change from the typical rapper’s braggadocious claims of experiences with violence and crime.

Roddy has a little bit for everyone on this album, and it’s another addition to his impressive discography, further cementing the young artist’s status as a rising star.



Trial Track: “Big Stepper”

Star Bar: 

“It was hell in the projects, I survived the storm

Got brothers in the sky, they die ‘fore they born

I know the worst conditions make a champion

Look at my ice froze like a mannequin”

-Ricch on “War Baby”

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