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QUICKSPINS: Key Glock – Yellow Tape

With Yellow Tape, the Memphis rapper delivers a project that feels fresh while respecting his hometown’s hip hop roots.

With a show-stealing presence on 2019’s Dum and Dummer—a joint album with fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph—Key Glock emerged as an artist to watch. On Yellow Tape, he has returned, standing completely on his own, without a feature in sight.

Glock exudes a level of confidence that is uncommon for an artist who is still on the rise. From the start of the project, he delivers his bars with striking conviction, commanding the attention of the listener—and he never lets up.

Throughout the project, Glock’s deep admiration for his city’s rich hip hop history is on full display. There is an unquestionable and consistent Memphis sound from track to track, with the influence of Three 6 Mafia being ever-present, among others.

The only negative aspect of this tape is that the content of the songs can become a bit repetitive. While Glock’s delivery, overflowing with confidence, can keep it fun and exciting, it becomes more and more apparent with repeat listens.

Still, Yellow Tape is a fantastic project, rife with bangers and memorable lines. With Glock being in the infancy of his career, it’ll be exciting to hear where he goes from here.

Rating: 8/10

Trial Track: “Dough”

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