The Concordian editors share their favourite winter anthems

Photo by Keith Race

Casandra De Masi, Opinions editor: It’s January, a.k.a. the ugly part of winter where the pretty, twinkling holiday decorations that lit up my soul have now been stored away in dark closets, only to see the light of day in a year. The one thing that always helps me through tough seasons and long semesters is music. I’ve been listening to a lot of old school Coldplay, Rush of Blood To The Head era, some of Lorde’s Pure Heroine, Kodaline, and even some Rizzle Kicks. I won’t lie; One Direction’s “Story of My Life” is totally my strawberry jam. I have no explanation for this erratic and random selection.


Jennifer Kwan, Graphics editor: It’s winter time! Gloomy and ugly. It’s the season that makes me want to take a three-hour nap when I get home after school every day. Ever since the semester began, my stress and procrastination levels are not doing well. To calm myself down, I tend to listen to instrumental music specifically music box like any Studio Ghibli soundtracks by Joe Hisaishi while I go take my nap. My favorites are “Carrying You” from Laputa: Castle in the Sky, “Path of the Wind” and “My Neighbor Totoro” from My Neighbor Totoro.


Roa Abdel-Gawad, Arts editor: I don’t get sad during the winter; I get angry at our stingy sun. So instead of music that calms the nerves, I choose to listen to tracks that overwhelm my rage with a fury all their own. I need gritty vocals, loud sax solos and mad (pun intended) guitar riffs. This is when anything by Led Zeppelin usually helps. I also reinterpret Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window” as an ode to the above-mentioned sun. Sometimes, even old school ‘90s hip hop will do. Who doesn’t want to ‘fight the power’?


Christina Rowan, Copy editor: For me, the winter season means that I’ll be experiencing a high of holiday spirit and New Year’s festivities, followed by a low of getting back into my routine of school and work. Without the Christmas holiday to look forward to, winter and snow are just a huge annoyance. So the only music I tend to listen to and have time for is the radio. Right now, the hits I’m really feeling are “Do What U Want” by Lady Gaga, “Wait For Me” by Kings of Leon, and “Team” by Lorde.


Amanda L. Shore, Editor-in-chief: The winter makes me lonely. Maybe it’s the lack of vitamin D or the frigid temperature, but either way winter makes me feel blue. To counteract these feelings I like to listen to upbeat rock anthems like Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over,” or Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.”


Samantha Mileto, Sports editor: “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Michael Bublé, though it’s not a holiday or winter anthem, is a song with an up-tempo beat and cheery lyrics which are a great way to forget about the cold weather and icy streets. It doesn’t hurt that this Canadian heartthrob is easy on the eyes and can oh-so easily sweep you off your feet with his voice.


Sabrina Giancioppi, Life editor: Music is one of the only things that helps me through these tougher winter days. I tend to have the most erratic moods this time of year so it is fitting that I have a song to match each of them. When I’m feeling…. Romantic: “Bonfire Heart” by James Blunt. Cheerful: “The Walker” by Fitz and the Tantrums. Depressed: “Say Something” by Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Lustful: “Do I Wanna Know?” by Arctic Monkeys. A cover song: “Dancing On My Own” by Kings of Leon (originally by Robyn). A guilty pleasure: “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” by Celia Cruz


Natasha Taggart, Online editor: Lately I’ve been listening to music from my iPod, which hasn’t been updated with new songs in about three years. The result of this has been an interesting mix of pop, alternative rock and heavy metal (from when I was emo in 2010), which seem to be doing a good job of getting rid of the winter blahs.  Some stand-out hits include “Cherub Rock” by Smashing Pumpkins, “Otherside” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, In Flames’ entire Come Clarity album, especially “Crawl Through Knives” and “Come Clarity” and Sean Kingston’s “Letting Go.”


Jessica Romera, Music editor: There’s a couple of things that get me through Montreal’s unapologetic winter months: giant knit sweaters, uncontrollable amounts of coffee, Disney movie marathons with my sister, and a good playlist. My go-to songs here would be “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From The Storm,” and “Black Flies” by Ben Howard. Apparently winter has me feeling all folksy. A recent addition: of Half Moon Run’s entire Dark Eyes album. Definitely check that one out.


Elizabeth Tomaras, Copy editor: Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, has been my warmth during this excruciatingly cold season. I listened to everything, from High Times to Paracosm a few weeks ago and those chillwave beats have been swirling inside my mind since. His songs are something I would listen to while sitting on a beach, feeling the glow of the sun resting on my shoulders, breathing in the ocean air. That’s all I need to get through winter.

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