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Odonis Odonis – No Pop

Odonis Odonis – No Pop (Felte/Telephone Explosion, 2017)

On their fourth album, Toronto trio Odonis Odonis shift gears to minimal electronic pop, meshed with an acute industrial sensibility. Odonis Odonis have developed their skill for creating a universe of sound with a booming range of darkwave-style synths and stone-cold industrial sonics. The music on No Pop establishes a stress-inducing taste of despair, using recurring bass patterns, high-frequency synth lines and tinges of psychedelia. This is all held in tandem by razor-sharp keyboard melodies immersed in robotic sound textures. These tracks are ominous. The trio work like puppet masters, pulling on the strings of assorted sounds to create something truly sinister.  It’s unclear what’s motivating these sound architects, but one thing is certain—they’re intent on dragging you down with them.

Rating: 7.4/10

Trial Track: “Check My Profile”

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