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The art of being single: Finals season and procrastination

Ah finals season: the final grind to the end of the semester, the last stretch until freedom from schoolwork and classes for just a couple of weeks.

This time is marked by the multiple 10-page or more term papers done the day before, professors cramming the last few topics from the syllabus into the last lecture, and then the beginning of studying for final exams in a few weeks.

If you’re anything like me, it’s also a time that is marked by the most procrastination of the semester.

I find anything to do other than my assignments: tweet way too much about how I hate my life, end up on random Russian chef pages after spiraling through Instagram’s explore page, purge my closet/makeup/Facebook friends, stare at a wall while having an existential crisis (that happens a lot).

If I weren’t on a dating app hiatus, I would also be using my procrastination time to swipe right and match with fellow Concordians also using dating apps as a way to procrastinate. One guy a few years ago gave me an idea for a column, and another one at the end of last semester offered me their charger as my laptop was going to die less than an hour before I had to submit a paper (guess who procrastinated and waited until the last minute).

Safe to say, everyone was just using dating apps as a way to procrastinate until the hallowing anxiety and overwhelming stress of a looming deadline shift your butt into drive to get your assignments done.

At the start of last week, I was severely contemplating redownloading Tinder or Bumble just to pass the time – I was bored and really didn’t want to write my paper that was due the next day.

I tweeted that I was thinking about it and my friends came to the rescue, reminding me why I wasn’t using them in the first place. They made good points: I had come so far, it’s not worth my time, and a stranger/now mutual also slid into my DMs to remind me why I deleted these apps in the first place. I was quickly brought back to reality and I realized that, while I wanted to procrastinate until the stress kicked my butt into gear, I didn’t want to spend my time aimlessly swiping and landing on matches that I wouldn’t talk to after finals season came to an end.

Find a better way to procrastinate – maybe take a nap instead. Or, you know, just do your work, kids.

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