Fink wows fans at La Sala Rossa

Like a good glass of scotch or the ideal piece of chocolate cake, Fink’s voice is smoky, rich and capable of sending any audience to a

Photo by Tommy N. Lance

relaxed but grooving place. Live, his deep melodies and slow rhythms have a greater impact and a very different feel from his studio albums. The notes seem to permeate the very air: a hum that settles deep within your bones as you rock in time to the music.

Accompanied on the drums and guitar by Tim Thornton, Fink played most of the songs off his newest album, Perfect Darkness. The hit single “Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us” and the album’s final track, “Berlin Sunrise”, received particularly rousing applause from the mostly older crowd.

To spice it up, the duo played the bluesy number “Hush Now” from Fink’s breakout album Biscuits for Breakfast. While changing to his blues guitar, Fink explained, “Every tour I tell myself, ‘This guitar isn’t coming on tour anymore’ and every tour it manages to sneak on board anyway.” Let us hope that it does keep ‘sneaking’ aboard because the slight change in pace and rhythm brought a whole new dimension to the show.

All of this combined with the intimate feel of La Sala Rossa made for a memorable night. After the show a smiling Fink said, “We love playing in Montreal!” However, he confessed that the last time they were here “it was bloody freezing and only twenty people showed up.” Fink’s popularity has been on the rise since the release of Biscuits for Breakfast in 2006. Perfect Darkness reached number 32 on the Dutch charts in 2011 and remains Fink’s biggest claim to fame.

The group are on tour around the Northeastern U.S. and Canada but will be performing at several music festivals in India come December. Whenever they do return to Montreal they are well worth a look-in.


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