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QUICKSPINS: Smino – Noir

Smino’s sophomore album, Noir, can be described as musical soul food. The newest project from the St. Louis native is filled with the sing-songy flow that he mastered on his debut project, blkswn. Smino’s voice transitions eloquently from Future-esque falsettos on “KLINK,” to his hard hitting flow on “KRUSHED ICE.” The production is handled mainly by Monte Booker, Sango and Smino himself. The beats mix funk, soul and trap together to create a sound that stands out at the end of a year crowded with new releases. “TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD” also sees Smino experimenting with Spanish-influenced sounds that could make for a fantastic single. While a bit long, Noir is certainly worth listening to in its entirety. It’s an album crafted with care and originality and should not be overlooked.

Rating: 8/10


Star Bar: “Who dat boy? He from the Lou’, he is a animal / Keep me some ice in my hands / Yeah, I got a burr wrist, think I’m Hannibal” – Smino on “VERIZON”

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