Underrated albums of 2021, Vol. 1: Crumb – Ice Melt

Crumb’s 2021 release Ice Melt was widely slept on

With 2021 being such a great year for music that saw some of the most prolific artists in recent years release albums, it is expected that smaller bands and artists received less exposure than the big ones. This is the case for Crumb, an indie dream pop outfit from Brooklyn, New York who released their second full length LP Ice Melt in late April of last year. While this album might have gone under the radar, it doesn’t mean it isn’t just as good as the most popular records of 2021. 

Imagine being outside on a rainy day, wearing a yellow raincoat and you’re deliberately stepping into water puddles in your rubber rain boots. The rain stops and you start seeing the sun coming through the gray clouds. Suddenly, a bright rainbow appears: this is how Crumb’s music feels. The lo-fi approach of the band makes for the sweetest and most harmless dream pop music. Their intentions are very clear and they are nailing the sound they are trying to achieve. 

Ice Melt sees Crumb using the same simple yet effective formula that they used on their last record. Although a bit inconsistent and unfocused at times, their 2019 debut album Jinx had a lot going for it, showcasing all of Crumb’s potential to succeed in the indie scene. Their new album is a realization of all the potential their debut had to offer, with some much better songwriting and more infectious melodies.

There is something about Lila Ramani’s voice that meshes so well with this style of music. Her gentle and fragile high pitched voice is extremely pleasing to the ear and is in perfect harmony with the moody guitars, soft drum patterns, and overall mellow production of the album. Ice Melt is a very fun and accessible album, and is such a light listen that it can serve as background music, even when studying or trying to go to sleep. This record is the equivalent of getting tucked in with a warm hug before heading into dreamland.

Ice Melt is a truly beautiful experience as the band put together a tracklist that is filled with highlights and not a single skip. It might have slipped through 2021’s cracks, but it can easily go toe to toe with some of the best indie records of last year.


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