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Chanda M – Icons of Dreams

Chanda M – Icons of Dreams (Unsigned, 2016)

Nostalgia floats from this dreamy cloud of sounds reminiscent of 90s pop ballads. The intro to “Ghostwriter” feels like a déjà vu of 90s pop-electro, although the beat strangely sounds like a cellphone ringtone. Not to mention, the melody stays on the same slow tempo all throughout, which makes it repetitive. The album is missing a much-needed upbeat dance rhythm. “Cosmic Rapture” captures Chanda’s angelic soft voice in a lullaby that will send you on a trip to heaven. However, it could put the best of us to sleep with it’s monotone tempo. Chanda’s voice is beautiful and romantic on the track “High School Love,” as she asks a question that one might ask their high school sweetheart 10 years down the road: “Do you remember me?” Overall, Chanda remains within the same vocal range and tempo all throughout this EP. The songs could all blend into one as they sound too much alike.

Trial track: “Ghostwriter”


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