Mixtape : Under the Snow Festival preview

Under the Snow Festival is an indie records and arts fair that aims to shake the dust off of you that may have been accumulating over the course of the winter season. Now in its eighth year, Under the Snow brings to the forefront 30-odd independent, up-and-coming and innovative musicians from all over Canada to showcase and celebrate their art at four downtown venues: La Sala Rossa, Casa Del Popolo, Divan Orange, and Église St-Denis.
This year’s honourable mentions include Maritimer Julie Doiron, Montreal art band Elfin Saddle and fellow Montrealers Pat Jordache, along with other indie artistes such as Huddle, In Days of Yore, Le Husky and Maxime Robin. On top of all of the great emerging musicians you can check out, the festival also features an arts show where you can buy sweet swag like silk screens, comic books, crafts, food, fashion and of course, records!

Listen to the mixtape here:

SIDE A: Sous la neige
1. “Jacques-Cartier” – Lila dit ça – Jacques-Cartier / Tokyo Man
2. “Salt On The Fields” – Pat Jordache – Future Songs
3. “All There Is” – Fire/Works – All There Is
4. “A Decade Wide” – Give Me Something Beautiful – You’ve Got a Hole In Your Heart a Decade Wide
5. “Djosé” – Maxime Robin – Mondrian Owns Geometry
6. “No One Gets Lost” – Elika – Always the Light

7. “Veste antiballes” – Eugène et le Cheval – Plantes carnivores et autres mécanismes de défense

8. “Sub Rosa” – In Days Of Yore – Sub Rosa
9. “The Dead Man Dance” – Jimmy Target And The Triggers – The Reverb Outlaws
10. “L’uniforme” – Antoine Corriveau – St-Maurice/Logan

SIDE B: Under the snow
11. “L’oubli” – Jeanphillip –  Le bout du monde
12. “Cook You Breakfast” – Pif Paf Hangover – Cook You Breakfast
13. “Les téléphones” – Le Husky – La fuite
14. “Sweeter” – Julie Doiron – Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars
15. “The Wind Come Carry” – Elfin Saddle – Devastates
16. “Black Waves” – The Loodies – The Loodies
17. “So Fast” – Julie Doiron – Loneliest in the Morning
18. “Quoi faire” – Bisko – Ricochet
19. “Barcelone” – Antoine Corriveau – St-Maurice/Logan
20. “Travellers” – AUN – Phantom G

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