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Here’s a guide to the best shows in town this April

Yaeji – April 5 @ Phi Centre

Kathy Yaeji Lee is a 24-year-old DJ from New York, who makes minimalist club music that pays equal respect to the sounds of deep house and K-Pop. Minutes after the announcement of her latest tour in support of 2018’s EP and EP2, the Montreal show sold out in no time. If you were one of the lucky few to score tickets, consider yourself very lucky.

U.S. Girls – April 11 @ l’Escogriffe Bar

U.S. Girls’ Meghan Remy is heading on tour in support of her exquisite album, In A Poem Unlimited. The album is a complex synthesis of bold narrative and downright excellent music that draws influence from disco all the way to post-punk. Remy is a storytelling savant, tackling topics from the state of democracy to personal meditations on sex and representation. This is a must see show, to say the least.

Jeff Tweedy – April 12 @ Corona Theatre

Wilco’s legendary Jeff Tweedy is stopping by the Corona to perform acoustic reworkings of his best songs, solo and with Wilco. So if you’re a fan of artisanal beer, beards and balladry, stop by to hear the best rebellious songs of your teenage years.

Machine Girl – April 27 @ TBA

Machine Girl is bringing their abrasive industrial sonics to an unknown Montreal venue. Combining elements of harsh noise and scream, Machine Girl is a force to be reckoned with, comparable to similar acclaimed acts such as Death Grips and JPEGMafia. The band’s approach to noise and industrial is much more punishing than their contemporaries. I advise you bring earplugs.

Soccer Mommy – April 29 @ Quai des Brumes

Soccer Mommy’s latest album, Clean, is a package of delicate acoustic balladry and pained lyrics about the pitfalls of early adulthood. In support of the album, they will be performing right at the tail end of the month.

No Age – April 29 @ Bar Le Ritz

No Age’s dreamy punk soundscapes have been making waves across music blogs for well over a decade. It has been four years since the band graced the world with a new record, that was until the band dropped Snares Like A Haircut this year. The album doesn’t alter the typical No Age blueprint, but as they say, if it ain’t broke.

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