At this fashion exhibit, it’s okay to feel a little blue

Montreal’s Musée de la Mode unveils its brand new Blue Spectrum exhibition

The Montreal’s Musée de la Mode unveiled its brand new exhibition last Wednesday titled Blue Spectrum, which is dedicated to the classic and versatile colour blue.

The exhibition examines both the origins of the colour and its place in fashion history. Featuring pieces from the 1950’s to the present, the displays draw in the viewer with their rich colour and vibrant history. Featuring dresses from designers like Christian Dior and Givenchy, the garments’ elegance and charm is every fashion lover’s dream.

The viewers enter the exhibition through sheer, deep blue mesh curtains. To the right is a long display filled with deep navy evening dresses from multiple decades, with an emphasis on modern silhouettes and shapes. To the left, even deeper navy dresses are seen, though these ones are more suited for the office or daily life. Most of the dresses were donated or on loan from various patrons—some well-known designers like Dior, others lesser-known such as KQK. Each dress has a small plaque that describes its designer, material, age and whom it was donated by.

As you are funnelled along, you come across a tall art piece. Created out of tunics hung from various strings, this suspended installation showcases the unique dyeing techniques that are used to create the various shades of blue. This is one of the many pieces created by young Montreal-based artists studying at various fashion, textile, jewellery and leather work schools.

Indigo tunics suspended from the ceiling display unique dyeing techniques for the different shades of blue. Photo by Jessica Kinnari

To the left of the tunics hangs a flock of origami birds made from old jeans, created by guest-artist Ariane Brunet-Juteau. These birds were inspired by the concept of upcycling old materials in order to create new beauty.

Continuing around the corner you come to the Montreal section of the exhibition. It is composed of four outfits created by Parasuco Jeans, a brand which was founded in the city. The designs include a pair of jeans from Parasuco’s new KLIP line. These jeans feature a new clip style of fastenings to do up the jeans. The section also includes the 2008 Swarovski bustier, which was created in conjunction with Parasuco Jeans and has been displayed at many Swarovski events worldwide.

Once you enter the final room, you are met with a brilliant display of colour. From left to right, the room is filled with dresses that display the many variations of blue—from royal blue to teal to seafoam green. An elegant royal blue is the colour chosen for the beautiful and classic dress designed by Balmain. The delicate piece stands beside a more avant-garde shade of bright blue used for an eccentric Comme des Garçons number.

Everywhere you turn, you are met with the elegance of craft, and the deep and mesmerizing shades of indigo, teal and everything in between.

Fashion, textile and art lovers can explore the exhibition at Montreal’s Musée de la Mode, located in Marché Bonsecours, from Sept. 23 to April 9, 2017. Admission to the exhibition is $6 for students and $7 for adults. You can find more information on the museum’s website.

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