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Working up a sweat has never been more fun

Not only can you smell the sweat but the energy is at high altitudes at extreme trampoline centre, iSaute. Featuring 10,000 square feet of interconnected padded trampolines, it is a jumper’s paradise.

Photo by Jonathan Panetta

iSaute is the first indoor trampoline facility in Québec however according to their website, they will soon be opening other locations in the greater Montreal area.

In the large open jump area there is a trampoline dodgeball stadium, basketball dunk centres, foam pits for aerial jumping and a slack line.

I headed straight for the foam pits and didn’t hold back on embarrassing myself. I gained some momentum on the trampoline and then belly flopped — that’s right, the most awkward and unathletic of jumps —  straight into a pit of foam that felt more like quick sand. The easy part was the jump, it took me close to five minutes to remove myself from the pit. Needless to say, it was cause for a good laugh.

Trampolining is an activity that almost everyone can enjoy because who doesn’t like the idea of springing into the air without the fear of getting hurt. The little kid inside is sure to come out at iSaute.

On Saturday nights there is an over 16 policy so the place isn’t crawling with too many young-ins.

Every Friday and Saturday iSaute turns into ClubJump. The lights are turned down and on come the lasers and black lights. It definitely makes the experience more fun and slightly trickier. Wear white to be more visible to the other jumpers so they don’t tramp your style.

Adding trampolines to a game of dodgeball is probably not good for anyone who can’t do two things at once. Jumping and dodging is not only challenging but will most definitely leave you heaving and begging for water.

According to iSaute’s website, “If you can walk, you can jump and chances are you’ll want to.” iSaute is a great alternative to the typical night out with friends and won’t cost you much either. It is $14 for the first hour and $8 for the second hour. However, special group discounts are available and checking in on Facebook or instagramming a photo will get you a couple dollars off.

iSaute promises to be as entertaining as it looks but readers beware, you’ll feel muscles you never thought existed.

iSaute is located on 2045 Dagenais Ouest, Laval.

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