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Cass McCombs – Mangy Love

Cass McCombs – Mangy Love ( Anti-, 2016)

Mangy Love incorporates lyrics charged with strong political and social messages as well as a ‘60s rock sound. His song “Laughter Is the Best Medicine” is a slow, soulful tune with soft guitar excerpts. His tunes have a serious undertone that suits their slow melodies. In “Cry,” however, he picks up the beat, but features a deep lyrical prose. It’s the song to listen when you’re in a deeply pensive mood. “Run Sister Run” has a groovy melody. While the instrumental might be playful, his lyrics discuss issues surrounding social injustice towards women. It’s a beautiful piece with raw, relevant meaning—it’s not just a song, but a story to be heard. The album combines beautiful instrumentals with powerful lyrical meaning. To enjoy this album to the fullest one must carefully listen to its lyrics.

Trial track: “Run Sister Run”


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