QUICKSPINS: Meek Mill – Championships

Artist: Meek Mill

Album: Championships

Label: Atlantic Records


Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill, who recently made headlines for his issues with the law, uses his fourth studio album Championships as a public service announcement to the world. In the lengthy, 19-track project, Mill outlines the discrimination of the justice system against minorities in the United States, as well as the struggles and limitations faced by those in communities of lower socioeconomic status.

In “Intro,” the Philly artist sets the precedent, gradually gaining intensity over a nostalgic, creative sample of Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight”. He discusses the complex life of trials and tribulations he faced as a youth in the rough neighbourhood of North Philadelphia.

With a long list of notable features including Drake, Cardi B and Kodak Black, the project’s songs cover a wide array of themes. Mill discusses his relationships with different women on softer, more sensual tracks like “24/7,” featuring up-and-coming British R&B singer Ella Mai. He completely switches gears on tracks like “Uptown Vibes,” which features veteran rapper Fabolous and Reggaeton artist Anuel AA over a triumphant, horn-heavy trap instrumental. Mill clearly attempted to please all kinds of fans with versatile songs throughout the album.

It was Mill’s recent controversial convictions on an unrelated probation sentencing that occurred over 10 years ago that sparked his activism. He has vowed to bring injustice towards minorities in America to light, and Championships is the most recent proof of his work for the greater good.


Trial Track: “Oodles O’ Noodles Babies”

Star Bar: “Victim to the system like a raindrop in the ocean

They closin’ all the schools and all the prisons gettin’ open” (from the track “Championships”)

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