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Drake – More Life

Drake – More Life (Republic Records ,2017)

Following from his commercially successful, but ultimately mediocre album Views, Drake is back—not with an album, but a playlist. The songs on More Life  feature a variety of different melodies and sounds, giving it a unique vibe compared to Drake’s past albums. The album varies in sound enough to keep your attention for the playlist’s hour long runtime. The soundscape feels like it’s comprised of all the sounds Drake’s explored throughout his career and showcases his versatility as an artist. There are many highlights, such as “Sacrifices,” “Glow,” “Passionfruit” and “Lose You.” However, “Teenage Fever,” which samples J. Lo’s “If You Had My Love,” stands out more than the other tracks, as it features one of Drake’s best vocal performances to date. “Teenage Fever” has an R&B nature that fits with Drake’s previous album, Take Care which many consider his best work. The only flaws come in the form of the overproduced “Get It Together” and “Since Way Back.” Overall, More Life is much more enjoyable than his previous album, and is one of Drake’s better projects.

Trial Track: “Teenage Fever”



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