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You Me At Six – Night People

You Me At Six – Night People (Infectious People, 2017)

If you’ve missed the classic, sweet sound of pop-rock, Night People has got you covered. The album opens up with “Night People,” a track that will get that adrenaline pumping with its high energy. It has a feel-good, edgy but sweet sound and raspy vocals. You can tell this track would be killer to watch live. The party keeps on rolling with “Plus One,” where the high-energy guitar riffs and loud singing continues. The first few songs on the album are reminiscent of past hits from The Killers. In “Heavy Soul” and “Brand New,”  the tempo lowers down to a soft, rockish interlude that could easily be played on any afternoon. It has a nostalgic feel of 90s pop rock. It’s easy to listen to and just as easy to enjoy. When “Swear” hits the speakers, they bring back high-energy and intensity on guitars. The last few songs feature cool guitar riffs and rhythms that are instantly appealing and memorable.


Trial Track: “Night People”

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