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On Repeat: summer edition

Our Music Editors share what they’ve been listening to over the summer.

Guillaume Laberge, Music Editor

Summer 2022 saw the birth of countless projects, some more memorable than others. Regardless, here are the songs I have been obsessed with for the past four months — hopefully you’ll discover something new here.

“Count Me Out” – Kendrick Lamar

Of the many songs I could have chosen from Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, “Count Me Out” is the one that stuck with me the most. There are so many layers and tempo switches to this track that it makes you sit on the edge of your seat for its entire duration.

“Bad Habit” – Steve Lacy

Whether it was on TikTok or on the radio, this song was inescapable over the summer, and for good reason. With “Bad Habit,” Steve Lacy crafted an indie pop anthem that contains arguably the catchiest chorus of the year.

“Big Ass Bracelet” – Westside Gunn

The Flygod himself dropped perhaps the underground rap song of the year with “Big Ass Bracelet.” The soul sample used in the track is so mesmerising that it took me at least ten listens to realize that he was saying something over this angelic drumless instrumental.

Honourable mentions

“Sugar/Tzu” – black midi

“Me Porto Bonito” – Bad Bunny

“Survivors Guilt” – Joey Bada$$

“Sticky” – Drake

“Chop (Nouvelle École)” – Fresh

Saro Hartounian, Assistant Music Editor

This summer brought about the release of many fantastic albums and singles (the new Kendrick record comes to mind), and I am pleased to showcase my favourite songs that were on repeat during my vacation to Gaspésie and Québec City!

“Auntie Diaries” – Kendrick Lamar

This song moved me to tears. Honestly. Regardless of the heavy topic it explores, I would play this during late summer nights where the pad synths would envelop my room. If you haven’t checked out this song I highly recommend it for the lyrics and the crescendo up until the very end.  

“hydrogen” – Sirintip  

Sirintip did not disappoint with her new single! The acid drum machine over ethereal jazzy vocals. There’s at least three tracks for her voice: two panning left and right and one in the background whispering a response from the former two. I know this is an oxymoron but hear me out… think “upbeat lounge.” 

“Magenta Mountain” – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

This song off King Gizzard’s Omnium Gatherum album was a must-listen through the summer months, especially for long drives. The Minimoog’s bass paired with the oriental melody gives off the feeling of a monastery way up in the mountains. Shangri-La, anyone?

Honorable mentions

“Tippa My Tongue” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Welcome To Hell” – black midi 

“Shotgun” – Soccer Mommy 

“Complacency” – Tide Rider

“La Rivière” – Pomme


On Repeat

Our music editors share what they have been listening to lately

Guillaume Laberge, Music Editor

“As It Was” – Harry Styles

British pop star Harry Styles is back with his first single in three years. This indie-infused cut about a relationship falling apart despite the feelings still being there is definitely going to dominate the charts.

“Ice Cream” (feat. Rick Ross) – Freddie Gibbs

Another On Repeat, another aggressive rap banger filled with cocaine references. This time the culprits are Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross, who team up for Gibbs’ fourth single ahead of his upcoming album SSS

“Lifestyle” (with Bas feat. A$AP Ferg) – Dreamville

This track off the new Dreamville D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape sees Bas and A$AP Ferg venting about living the luxurious and playboy rapper lifestyle, while surfing and flowing over a wavy instrumental.

Saro Hartounian, Assistant Music Editor

“Intertwined” (feat. Elchin Shirinov and Roni Kaspi) – Avishai Cohen

Jazz bassist Avishai Cohen shows that you don’t need a sextet to have technical lounge madness as a trio. Each instrument cuts through the mix so clearly, “intertwining” with one another. Not for the faint of heart! 

“Broken Cog” – Meshuggah

From the band behind “Bleed,” the extreme prog metal band brings you “Broken Cog” from their Immutable album. Beware, the intro sounds like a slowed down version of “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed, but heavier. Listener discretion is advised. 

“Micro-Aggressions” – Animals As Leaders 

The sub-genre of Djent’s holy triumphant Animals As Leaders released a new LP and I’m here for it. Tosin Abasi’s heavy technical guitar playing cuts through the mix with this symphonic single. They could easily give Polyphia a run for their money!


Graphic by Lily Cowper


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On Repeat: contributor’s edition

Our contributors share what they have been listening to lately

Anthony Issa

“Totally Fine” – PUP

Toronto group PUP dropped a banger song that pop-punk fans can enjoy in time for their next mental breakdown. With chunky guitar riffs and self-destructive lyrics filled with dark humour, “Totally Fine” is a great taste of what to expect on their upcoming album. The track is accompanied by a hilarious music video about the band selling out, leaving the indie scene, and becoming billionaires by building an evil real estate empire. Following the popular trend that all billionaire philanthropists seem to be into these days, they travel to space and rock out in astronaut gear. 

Jacob Wade-Vallance

“Anything But Me” – MUNA

MUNA has nailed it once again. With their follow up to the viral queer love song “Silk Chiffon,” “Anything But Me” is a breakup bop and a wave goodbye to a toxic relationship, with killer lyrics.

Nadia Trudel

“Feel My Rhythm” – Red Velvet

“Feel My Rhythm” might not cure your seasonal depression, but it might help. The song has this delusional optimism that’s almost creepy: classic Red Velvet. Sonically it’s pretty, elegant, and dreamy, a true successor to their previous hit “Psycho.” It samples Bach, so mix classical strings with some modern pop, a trap beat, soaring chorus, fun rap verses, and signature Red Velvet vocals and you have a springtime anthem and homage to the beauty of art. 

Aaron Bauman

“Troubles” – Denzel Curry feat. T-Pain

Denzel Curry’s gritty flow blended with T-Pain’s angelic vocals on this bouncy track creates a perfect song for a window-down cruise just in time for the sun’s return. This track comes as the final single of Denzel’s upcoming album’s rollout.

Curtis Savage

“i’m not gonna kill you” – Nemahsis

Nemahsis’ track from her breakout EP eleven achers is a soul-wrenching demand to not be treated like a threat. She somberly reflects in this R&B ballad over the pressure she feels to repress her Muslim identity in her western surroundings. Her voice gently carries through the song as she laments on her frustration to be accepted. 

Oliver Eng

“Heavy” – Nigo feat. Lil Uzi Vert

“Heavy” is what you get when you put Lil Uzi Vert on a drill beat and let talent do its thing. It’s catchy and a perfect representation of who NIGO and Uzi are as people. The song is loud, heavy and it shakes your body. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Owen Cole

“Vocoder” – Floating Points

Returning to his dancefloor roots, Floating Points has crafted one of the biggest club tunes of recent months. After playing a string of after-hours gigs with Four Tet and even Skrillex throughout the U.S., Floating Points seems hungry to get the dancefloor pumping once again after the more subdued Crush from 2019, and the new age/ambient jazz Pharoah Sanders collaborative Promises from 2021. 

Sydney Gastaldo

“What Happened To The Class of ’65?” – Damien Jurado 

I was first introduced to Jurado’s music through the show Shameless. Something about the song stuck out to me immediately and after the episode, I looked up the track that was played, “Beacon Hill,” and ended up listening to almost all of the singer/songwriter’s discography.  Jurado has been one of my favorite artists ever since and his newest single “What Happened To The Class of ‘65?” — a song which encapsulates what he does best: storytelling. Overall, it’s a captivating track with intimate and vulnerable lyrics and beautiful instrumentalism. 

Jake Beacock

“Drink The New Wine” – Bauhaus

Recorded during lockdown last year, “Drink The New Wine” has come as a pleasant surprise for post-punk lovers. Bauhaus manages to maintain their unique essence: a spectral, gothic sound that makes you feel beautifully delirious. Go on, take a sip!


Graphic by Lily Cowper


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On Repeat

Our music editors share what they have been listening to lately.

Guillaume Laberge, Music Editor

“OPEN A WINDOW” (feat. Tyler, The Creator) – Rex Orange County

This simple and harmless track should put a smile on everyone’s face. The strings are infectious, the singing is very heartwarming and Tyler, The Creator’s verse is as good as it gets.

“10 More Commandments” (feat. Diddy) – Benny The Butcher

This song is a follow up to “Ten Crack Commandments” by The Notorious B.I.G. In this new version, Benny The Butcher dives into the basic rules of what it takes to be a good crack cocaine dealer. If you’re looking for a career pivot, start taking some notes of what he is saying here.


This new cut off the latest ROSALÍA album sees the Spanish artist mix her angelic voice with a dreamy instrumental to create a sweet and catchy tune that will make your head bop.

Saro Hartounian, Assistant Music Editor 

“Pumpin’” – Joe Satriani

Mr. Satch Boogie is back with his signature Ibanez guitar tone. The guitar virtuoso has carefully made sure that his song sounds like the title with the pumpin’ organ and guitar rhythms.  

“Shotgun” – Soccer Mommy

Ever wanted to hear what a bastard song by the Cocteau Twins and Silversun Pickups would sound like? Look no more with Soccer Mommy’s distinct dissonant undertones, shoegaze-y feedback, and effects exploring the topic of backseat intimacy.  

“Initiation” – ✝️✝️✝️ (Crosses)

Deftones frontrunner Chino Moreno lets his bubbly, choral voice loose in this twisted Fiona Apple-esque piece. The heavy use of synths make the overall gloomy song sound like it would be perfect in a Tim Burton score.    


Graphic by Lily Cowper


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On Repeat: Toro y Moi, Pusha T & Alanis Morissette

Our music editors share what they have been listening to lately


Guillaume Laberge, Music Editor

While I was mostly busy listening to a new album a day for the past month for another piece, I still managed to find the time to listen to the hot singles that were being released. With that said, here are three songs that have been “On Repeat” for me.


This might be Conway”s most personal track to date, as he drops bar after bar about some of the most gut-wrenching events of his life, like the suicide of his cousin, or the death of his son. A truly captivating listen.


This song feels like having a jam session with your friends. The smooth vocals mixed with this incredibly catchy bassline and the guitar solos at the end all make for such a feel-good experience.


This aggressive cut from cokerap king Pusha T sees the MC in his bag with his usual cocaine references and luxurious one-liners over a killer instrumental.

Saro Hartounian, Assistant Music Editor

Lately, I have been finding myself going back to artists that I would listen to and see live back in 2019 — damn that was three years ago… Anyway, here are some singles that could fit your weekend vibe, courtesy of me!


Have you ever wanted to listen to an 18-minute song from a critically-acclaimed stoner acid band? This jammy single will make you melt into whatever you’re sitting on (maybe) with its bubbly, mellow vocals and outback-esque rhythm. Uluru eat your heart out!


This song will take Stereophonics’ loyal fans back to their Performance And Cocktails album. Kelly Jones’ rough voice pierces through the song’s brit-pop guitar riff, reassuring listeners that they haven’t changed their style, and have rather merely adapted through the years.


Looking to reconcile with a friend or loved one to “reach out and make amends?” Well, look no further because the ’90s national treasure’s latest single will have you feeling like doing just that. A stripped song with just piano, strings, and the infamous Jagged Little Pill voice.

Listen to this week’s “On Repeat” playlist here:

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On Repeat

Our Music Editors share what they have been listening to lately

Music Editor Guillaume Laberge

A lot of hot rap songs have seen the light of day recently, enough to make my hyperactive self sit back, put them on a loop and relax. With that said, here are three songs that have been in my rotation lately. 

“Johnny P’s Caddy” – Benny The Butcher, J. Cole

This hookless single sees Benny the Butcher and J. Cole both spit back to back striking verses with a heavy delivery riding along a chill instrumental.

“ETA” (with Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & Anderson .Paak) – Dr. Dre

Released for the new GTA update, this collaboration features an amazing soul-sampled beat and a great chorus by Snoop Dogg. The best part of the song is without a doubt when Dr. Dre and Anderson .Paak trade bars at the beginning. A must-listen.

“2012” (feat. Day Wave) – Saba

A wonderful song about a young teenage school love over a laid-back beat. Saba provides a great hook and also solidifies himself as an incredible storyteller on this one.

Assistant Music Editor Saro Hartounian

My most recent music sessions have been all over the place: a little bit of funky Red Hot Chili Peppers, a little bit of soft grunge Eddie Vedder, and a little bit of alternative/indie with Father John Misty. That being said, my volatile music taste has brought me many a gem which I would love to share with you. 

“Black Summer” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

This well-awaited single with John Frusciante back as the band’s guitarist has delivered, ironically with a fitting title: “Black Summer.” A darker song from them than usual, but it still feels like driving through the Hollywood Hills.   

“Invincible” – Eddie Vedder

An uplifting song from the surfer grunge icon with strong elements of Bruce Springsteen. This definitely sounds like a song that could be in a surfing documentary the moment the athlete goes through the eye of the wave. 

“Q4”  –  Father John Misty

If ABBA and Rufus Wainwright could have collaborated, they would have made this song. It’s a  warm and happy melody involving a harpsichord (weird right?) that could be played in a Wes Anderson movie.  


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