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QUICKSPINS: Logic – Supermarket

Supermarket is not only the worst album of Logic’s career, but the worst album I’ve heard in years. This awful excuse of a project inhibits all the bad habits Logic has been pushing since his mediocre third album, Everybody. Gone are the quickfire verses and boom-bap beats that he mastered early. Instead, Logic trades his rapping for bad singing and lyrics corny enough to make Hopsin seem like Tupac. This isn’t a rap album—it’s a pop-crossover travesty. Listening to it was a more difficult experience than trying to beat a Dark Souls game blindfolded. Don’t listen to it. I did, and I think the world deserves better.


Trial Track: “Baby”

Star Bar: “Come get me, but don’t hit me / I smoke weed, so I’m trippy / Get litty, get gritty / Rick Sanchez, get schwifty”

– Logic on “Lemon Drop”

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