The Update // New database for MMIWG2S, half a billion dollars for engineers, and Ukraine, a year later

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Welcome to The Update. A bi-weekly news podcast researched, produced and created by The Concordian team.

In this episode, a vigil commemorating Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Montreal sees first ever official database made for cases in Quebec.

The Montreal community took to the streets to condemn the unjust treatment and death of Nicous D’André Spring while he was illegally detained in Bordeaux Prison.

The Government of Canada invest $497 million into a team of Concordia engineers to create cheap and sustainable CO2 capturing and recycling technology.

News editor Marieke Glorieux-Stryckman dives into the Montreal Ukrainian community’s well-being one year after the war began.

Général Roméo Dallaire, who served the United-Nation during the Rwanda genocide, visited Concordia’s Journalism Department to discuss the role of media in conflicts.

Reporter Tristan McKenna reports on toll the Turkey/Syria earthquake has on Concordia students.

Produced by Cedric Gallant

Music by Saro Hartounian

Graphic by Carleen Loney

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