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ChatCordia: What Are Students Listening to?

The Concordian’s Music editor Guillaume Laberge and Video editor Jordan Tsering, asked students about their go-to songs that get them through the year.


Top 10: Best Kanye West Songs

1. Through The Wire – College Dropout

Ignore the fact that Kanye West sounds a little weird on the beat – the man wouldn’t let reconstructive jaw surgery bring him down. Kanye’s persistence and desire to rise to the top shines throughout the track. He recounts life before and after sustaining injuries in a car accident in 2002 with a jaw that was wired shut. He doesn’t cower, but instead rises to the occasion and looks more like a boxer claiming victory in a heavyweight fight.


2. Jesus Walks – College Dropout

Kanye burst through with a song that placed Christianity at its focal point and was one of his first songs to break into the public sphere. It wasn’t just a good song, it allowed listeners to ponder how Kanye was able to make such a successful song using Jesus Christ and religion as the subject matter.


3. Diamonds From Sierra Leone/Diamonds From Sierra Leone [Remix ft. Jay Z] – Late Registration

The imagery depicted from the opening line of the original song makes it arguably one of Kanye’s greatest. West takes the original and transforms it into a track that is equally as good. In the remix, Kanye goes political, addressing the conflict diamonds being mined in countries such as Sierra Leone.


4. Touch The Sky (ft. Lupe Fiasco) – Late Registration

Kanye’s bravado, and taste for expensive brands, is on full display in “Touch The Sky.” Swag level, awesome level, his ego, whatever level you would want to judge Kanye on, is looking to go over 9000. The song features a show-stopping verse from a young Lupe Fiasco and a slowed down Curtis Mayfield sample.


5. Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Graduation

Whether it’s through its visuals or its lyrics, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” was strikingly more brash and displayed more bravado from Kanye than on any of his previous material. The chorus itself, perhaps foreshadowing the paparazzi and haters, was a precursor to a more audacious Kanye West, setting the tone for the most boastful album in his catalogue, Graduation.


6. Stronger – Graduation

Graduation featured synths and electronic influences, which explains the outstanding meshing of Kanye West lyrics and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” The booming drums from super producer Timbaland complete the electronic/hip-hop masterpiece.


7. Welcome to Heartbreak (ft. Kid Cudi) – 808’s & Heartbreak

808’s & Heartbreak delivered West at his most vulnerable, and his most imperfect. Despite the tracks dripping with Auto-Tune, the album is the first indication that there are in fact chinks in Kanye’s armour. Depression sets in on the track, as Kanye sounds empty and hollow while everyone else seems happier and on the verge of promising futures in contrast to Kanye’s grim reality, after the loss of his mother the previous year.


8. Gorgeous (ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon) – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye goes after haters, among them the writers of South Park, critiques the issue of race in America, and of course, a boastful Kanye re-emerges from the rubble, caused by an avalanche of hate after the MTV VMA’s incident with Taylor Swift. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was his comeback from licking his wounds on 808’s & Heartbreak, and “Gorgeous” is the indicator that Kanye is ready to reclaim his extravagant and expensive throne.


9. Runaway (ft. Pusha T) – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The beautiful thing about Kanye’s fifth studio album is that it emphasizes his braggadocio behavior, but also features his vulnerability, with remnants from 808’s & Heartbreak. Add that to rousing instrumentals, it’s a glossy, fancy piece of work that can be added to any museum. “Runaway”, which was the centerpiece of Kanye West’s short film of the same name, features piano and Kanye willing to admit that he is in fact, a jerk but in the classiest of ways.


10. New Slaves (ft. Frank Ocean) – Yeezus

Kanye’s sixth studio release Yeezus may go down as his most polarized album. On the one hand, you must applaud Kanye for daring to use dancehall and electronic sounds paired with lyrics that all but claim he’s the second coming of Christ. On the other, some of Kanye’s ideas are displaced and just don’t fit within the album. “New Slaves” is among the better songs off the album, and while the verses might not be the greatest, there’s no denying the shock value of the lyrics and Frank Ocean’s vocals at the end.



Mix Tape: Songs to prolong summer

Falling asleep on the beach to the lapping waves, rolling into your summer job with your hair still wreaking of campfire, and nursing a lukewarm glass of beer while lingering on the patio after sunset. These are the memories we shall cling to for comfort as we hole ourselves up in the library, buried under midterms. But alas, I swear, summer is not over yet. The sun will bounce off Montreal pavement for at least another month, and you’ll keep the fan cranked in your bedroom through many more humid nights.

This mixtape is for those who aren’t quite ready to slip into their school shoes. Each track was released by an artist that either toured or broke out since we last closed our textbooks, and should ease summer separation anxiety. Side A is for those first few weekends of the school year when you can’t get enough of nights out downtown. Spin Side B when one of yours friends gets their hands on a car and you head for water. There’s still a little beach time left!

Side A: Gettin’ down in the city

  1. “Conditioning” – Cadence WeaponHope in Dirt City
  2. “Phone Sex” – Blood Diamonds ft. GrimesPhone Sex EP
  3. “Motion Sickness” – Hot ChipIn Our Heads
  4. “Sinful Nature” – Bear in HeavenI Love You It’s Cool
  5. “House” – KindnessWorld, You Need a Change of Mind
  6. 212” – Azealia Banks feat. Lazy JaySingle
  7. “Next To You” – PoolsidePacific Standard Time
  8. “Midnight City” – M83Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
  9. “Under Your Spell” – Desire –  Drive Soundtrack
  10. Nightcall” – Kavinsky & LovefoxSingle

Side B: On the road

  1. “Angels” – The xxSingle
  2. “Wild” – Beach HouseBloom
  3. “Golden Mile” – Daniel RossenSilent Hour/Golden Mile EP
  4. “You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely” – ParlovrKooksoul
  5. “Life’s A Beach” – Django DjangoDjango Django
  6. “Santa Fe” – Beirut – The Rip Tide
  7. “Ruin” – Cat Power –  Single
  8. “For 12” – Other LivesTamer Animals
  9. “Laura” – Bat for Lashes – Single
  10. “Sunshine” – Little Dragon – Single
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