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One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure

Montrealers love their thrift shops. St. Laurent Blvd. among many locations makes for an easy thrift shop-hopping experience with places like Friperie St-Laurent and Founderie.

Walk into Our Closet will be at Plaza Volare, 6600 Chemin de la Cote de Liesse on Sunday, Sept. 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Press photo.

Thrift shopping boutiques have proved that shopping for used clothing doesn’t have to take place in a clustered room full of musty smells and pushy old ladies. Instead, this trend is considered upscale and can get you looking fashionable at an affordable price.

However, the treasure hunt for good finds is not for everyone, which is why the brand new event called, Walk into Our Closet, taking place on Sept. 15 stands out as an interesting alternative.

Best friends Anabel Mayer and Sofia Cafaro have created an event where shoppers will have a chance to go through a variety of “closets,” where vendors will be selling lightly worn clothing, shoes and accessories at a fraction of the paid price.

“Every piece for sale was once a coveted item in someone’s closet and now that it ran its course on someone, you can turn it into your own signature style,” said vendor Jonathan Panetta. Panetta will be among many other vendors emptying their personal closets, including Montreal fashion bloggers Gabrielle Lacasse, writer of Dentelles et Fleurs, and Concordia’s own Christina Monticcioli, writer of The Boho Flow.

“This will benefit everyone regardless of their age or salary. Everything at this sale is marked down, even the designer pieces will be hundreds of dollars less and that is simply amazing,” said Panetta. “It is great to see people turn their love of fashion into a productive skill that brings people together over a common interest.”

It’s through their common interest in fashion that Mayer and Cafaro came up with the idea of Walk Into Our Closet.

“We spend a lot of our hard earned money on clothing, shoes, and of course, accessories that are sadly only worn maybe once or twice,” said Mayer. “Our solution? Creating an event where people can either sell their pieces or have the opportunity to buy practically new clothing for a great price.”

It’s a great event for those on the fence about thrift shopping. The merchandise is new to lightly worn, and they are also offering sneak peeks at the items vendors will be selling on the Walk into Our Closet Facebook page as well as their Instagram

, allowing potential shoppers to see what’s in store.

There is something fun about peeking into someone else’s closet and this event makes it possible that if you see something that you like, it can be yours.

Walk into Our Closet will be at Plaza Volare, 6600 Chemin de la Cote de Liesse on Sunday, Sept. 15 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m..


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