QUICKSPINS: Excision – Evolution

Excision delivers on the heaviest dubstep around

Excision is known to be one of the heaviest dubstep artists and he certainly keeps true to his reputation with his newest EP Evolution made in tandem with Wooli.

Evolution is four-tracks of headbangers with some EDM drops courtesy of Trivecta and Seven Lions, some of the artists that collaborated with Excision to create the EP. The tracks take the listener on an intense trip that makes you say, “what just happened?” when the 14 minutes are over.

The opener “Lockdown” immediately indicates what the listener is getting themselves into with a long build up, a style technique that Excision uses on his heavier songs. Evolution comes out just a couple of weeks before Excision’s festival “Lost Lands” – patrons beware, headbanging hangovers, or “bang-overs” are likely to happen when he debuts these tracks live.


Trial Track: “Evolution”

Star Bar: “Throwin’ bones in the pit, you ain’t jumpin’ in. Break my neck with grace, will you make some space. Every time I throw down to the bass, let it burn your face!” (Sam King on “Evolution”)

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