Essential Valentine’s Day tracks

Your Valentine’s Day playlist will be complete thanks to these picks from our Music Editors.

Tabéa’s Picks:

“Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” by James Blake

In my books, James Blake is an artist who can convey his thoughts and feelings in a raw and affectionate manner, especially when it comes to love in any form. “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” is no exception and an ultimate devotion of Blake revealing to himself and the world how close he feels with his partner. The repetition of him singing that he can’t believe how they flow together only strengthens how well they fit together. This song also acts as a reminder that there is an opportunity to build a stronger connection with any person you love in your life, whether it be platonic or romantic.  

“Kiss of Life” by Sade

Most Sade songs could have been included, but “Kiss of Life” is extra special to me because it’s one of the first songs of hers that I heard. The entire track just screams being head over heels in love with someone, but also with life in general. As Sade softly sings: “The sky is full of love.” However, the energy of the song resides in this line, which takes the cake for me: “I swear the whole world could feel my heartbeat when I lay eyes on you.” She pours her heart out and it’s hard to not feel that loving, contagious feeling. 

“Prototype” by Outkast

This song is one of Outkast’s best in my opinion, especially when the bass comes in and Andre 3000 sings: “I think I’m in love again.” That part is what makes this song so hypnotizing and warm. Despite the song depicting someone who may or may not be the one, it’s all about being fully vulnerable that you’re feeling some type of way towards someone else, but especially the awareness of falling in love again after a while. I especially love the line: “I wanna say stank you very much for picking me up and bringing me back to this world.” To me, it’s such a lovely way to say how meeting someone can make you feel like you’re stepping back into the world through a new connection.

Stefano’s Picks:

“World We Created” by Giveon

Giveon’s “World We Created” is a smooth ballad about basking in the bliss of simply being alongside your partner. Backed by a soft guitar and some ambient nature sounds, the track truly creates a mellow setting that feels like a romantic night under an open sky. The song is complete with a horn section, which truly makes it the serenade it is. Giveon sounds absolutely smitten by even the simplest things (like watching his lover as they lay in bed), and his unique, deep vocal register comes with its own romantic charm. It’s the song Giveon dedicated to couples on his recent tour, and one that you should dedicate to your loved one on Feb. 14.

“BESO” by ROSALÍA & Rauw Alejandro

“BESO” (the Spanish word for “kiss”) finds then-couple ROSALÍA and Rauw Alejandro absolutely infatuated with one another on a record. The song is bright and melodic and their singing voices are beautifully complementary. The track is ridden with compliments and the sentiment of romance is undeniable with lyrics like: “Lo mejor que tengo es el amor que me das” [the best thing I’ve got is the love that you give me]. It’s a lighthearted, heartwarming duet with a nice reggaeton bounce featuring two of the brightest voices in Latin music.


“PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA” never fails to amaze me with its driving groove and Beyoncé’s angelic voice. Its jazzy instrumental is laid back and soothing, which perfectly sets the intimate tone one would want on Valentine’s Day. The song is an ode to her husband JAY-Z where she expresses her adoration for all the little things he does that she loves. Beyoncé’s singing is especially soft as she flies in and out of high notes using her soprano voice. The emotion she brings to her vocal performances further emphasizes the song’s sentiment of love. “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA” is vividly heartfelt and a perfect tone-setter for Valentine’s Day.


Top Ten: Most Romantic Love Songs

10. “L.O.V.E” – Nat King Cole
Let’s start the list with Nat King Cole, legend among legends. Mr. Cole really made his mark on music as a leading jazz pianist. In this song, he cleverly assigns a lyric to each letter of the word “love.” It’s been at the top of love song charts since its release.
Best lyric: “Two in love can make it / take my heart and please don’t break it / Love was made for me and you.”

9. “Home” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
This one may be a little unknown, but I promise an earful of joy and an instantaneous love life if you sing this to someone on Valentine’s Day. With a bit of western flare, the chorus makes the song No. 9 on the most romantic list.
Best lyric: “Home is whenever I’m with you.”

8. “With or Without You” – U2
U2 is one of my favourite bands, but their best song—one that has travelled the world, with couples in love arrogantly calling it “our song”—has to be “With or Without You.” The song recounts how a man who is deeply in love has to be with you—if not, life is impossible. Guys, you know what do come Valentine’s Day.
Best lyric: “My hands are tied / my body bruised, she’s got me with / nothing to win and / nothing else to lose.”

7. “Your Song” – Elton John
This is the perfect song to dedicate to someone as the big day approaches. Elton John captures the essence of what love is. He originally wrote this song and dedicated it to his father, due to the fact that they had problems because of Elton’s homosexuality. Since then, it’s become one of the most romantic songs out there.
Best lyric: “I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words / how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

6. “Drops of Jupiter” – Train
Train has made a name for themselves as great romantic songwriters, making single girls cry all over the world, day after day. What many describe as a tender tour of the cosmos, lead singer Patrick Monahan actually wrote the song when he lost his mother, and wished, as he was mourning, that she could just “come back to the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair.” That line also wins best lyric.

5. “Truly Madly Deeply” – Savage Garden
Romance, no matter the situation, comes hand in hand with corniness—disgusting, ugly, makes-me-want-to-puke corniness. Savage Garden captured all the corniness in the world the day they wrote “Truly Madly Deeply.” For this reason, this one definitely gets a spot on the list.
Best lyric: “I want to lay like this forever / until the sky falls down on me.”

4. “Time After Time” – Cyndi Lauper
This is where things start getting serious. This classic song took romance by storm with its sweet lyrics, and has since been taken up by other groups including Matchbox Twenty. The amazing yet simple lyric “time after time” tells you all a loved one will do for you, again and again, time after time.
Best lyric: “If you fall I will catch you–I’ll be waiting / time after time.”

3. “Something” – The Beatles
There are so many songs to choose from when it comes to one of the most amazing bands to ever walk the Earth. “Something,” however, perfectly depicts how impossible it is to live without the one you love; how there’s something about her or him that’s impossible to get off your mind. Frank Sinatra said it best when he called it “the greatest love song ever written.”
Best lyric: “Something in the way she knows / and all I have to do is think of her. Something in the things she shows me / I don’t want to leave her now.”

2. “I’ll Be” – Edwin McCain
These are words that every man wants to say to a girl one day. Yet, to describe what you can do for the girl of your dreams is something most men are nervous about. Never fear, Mr. McCain has done it for us. It’s a masterpiece of a song, and to this day, one of the greatest love songs of our time.
Best lyric: “I’ll be your crying shoulder / I’ll be love’s suicide / I’ll be better when I’m older / I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.”

1. “Maybe I’m Amazed” – Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney captures the true essence of what love is all about. It’s surprising, and at times, it can be scary. Scary to feel such a feeling for someone. Scared of getting hurt. But in the end, knowing that, no matter what, it’s all worth it. I dedicate this No. 1 to my girlfriend, and wishing all the couples out there a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a Happy I Hate Valentine’s Day to all you haters!
Best lyric: “Maybe I’m afraid of the way I love you.”

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