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QUICKSPINS: Raveena – Moonstone

Raveena’s Moonstone EP creates a soothing and alluring ambience leaving listeners wanting more.

Following her highly-praised debut record Lucid, released in spring 2019, the R&B/soul artist Raveena decided to revisit some of the tracks that did not complement the album but ventured off to fit into another project of their own.

“Headaches” serves as the album’s opening track and consists of a dreamy, melody-driven number with subtle instrumentation that undoubtedly suits Raveena’s soft and layered vocal harmonies. There’s a shift in melodies towards the end of the song with the inclusion of prominent guitar and percussion elements without overpowering her voice.

“Close 2 U” fades into a more upbeat acoustic track. The highlight of the project is definitely “Heartbeat.” The track consists of arrangements such as subtle synths and a more apparent bassline. Raveena also showcases her wide vocal range by pairing them with high pitch vocal harmonies.

The record then culminates with “Starflower,” an acoustic ballad that stands out the most compared to the other tracks, as listeners are left with Raveena’s raw vocals accompanied with subtle guitar strings.Despite only being a 15 minute EP, Moonstone flows together in a cohesive manner and simply presents itself as the much-needed continuation to Lucid.

Rating: 9/10

Trial Track: “Heartbeat

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