The Concordian is staffed entirely by students and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of current and former students. Participation in our organization is open to all students writers, artists, and journalistically-minded creatives of all kind. To pitch ideas, publish your work, or get involved, email the editor associated with your interest!

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Editor-in-Chief | Dalia Nardolillo
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Creative Director | James Fay
[email protected]

Managing Editor | Lucas-Matthew Marsh
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Business Manager | Lithun Sarker
[email protected]

Social Media Manager | [email protected]
Diana Tkachenko

Copy Editors | [email protected]
Evleen Kaur
Mackenzie Sanche

Production | [email protected]
Avalon O’Henley

Hebdo Litho

Guy Landry

Advertising Manager | [email protected]
Rosemary Paquin

Photo | [email protected]
Kaitlynn Rodney (Editor)
Lily Cowper (Assistant)

Graphics | [email protected]
Carleen Loney (Editor)
Keven Vaillancourt (Assistant Editor)

Video | [email protected]
Jacqueline Lisbona

Podcast | [email protected]
Matthew Daldalian

News | [email protected]
Emma Megelas (Co-Editor)
Leo Litke (Co-Editor)
Sakib Hossain (Assistant Editor)

Sports | [email protected] 
Jeremy Cox (Editor)
Matt Piscina (Assistant Editor)

Arts and Culture | [email protected]
Emma Bell (Editor)
Maya Ruel (Assistant Editor)

Opinions | [email protected]
Emma Wallace (Editor)
Saskia Wodarczak (Assistant Editor)

Music | [email protected]
Tabéa Benlakehal (Editor)
Stefano Rebuli (Assistant Editor)

Board of Directors | [email protected]
Aviva Majerczyk
Lillian Roy
Hadassah Alencar
Lily Cowper

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