Sexual Violence at Concordia: An Ongoing Fight for JusticeCinema Politica: Our Bodies are your BattlefieldsLove: an evening of art, song, poetry, and cocktails“Queerify” your clothes with Queer ConcordiaThe Update // International Women’s Day, discrimination in engineering and library pranksThe 2023 Annual Fishing DerbyStingers’ men’s and women’s hockey teams are going to nationalsPhysical 100: modern-day survival of the fittestConcert review – The Barr Brothers x Gabrielle Shonkcomplaints at Webster Library sparks talks about security issuesDeath of the theme partyQUICKSPINS: Love Sick – Don ToliverNuances self-care: the Montreal-based beauty brand catering to women of all shadesHERstory Lesson: Nellie BlyMontrealers march for International Women’s Day

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The 2023 Annual Fishing Derby

How fishing brings the community of Kahnawake together Alongside the marina of Kahnawake, community members are setting up for the annual ice fishing derby. Walking out on the ice, one can hear the…


Portrait of a concerned baby surrounded by unique celebrity baby names

Celebrities are now naming their babies after iconic Quebec swear words