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time OUT

It was a really, really, really bad couple of days for football this weekend in Montreal. I mean, it's not so horrible that the Als lost, (aside from the fact that they lost to "the T.O.") we've been spoiled in the past with those guys, but having to watch the Laval Rouge et Or continue their march towards another Vanier Cup is truly gag worthy.

fashion 101

I must say that I'm quite proud of the way most people dress at Concordia. I have visited other schools and I truly think that we are the best dressed students in the province. There are a few exceptions though. One of the biggest fashion faux pas committed at this university involves footwear.

time OUT

Well, a fall semester that had started with so much promise for so many of Concordia's teams came to a disappointing and humbling end this weekend. With the Stinger's football squad getting pummeled by Laval for the second straight weekend they join the list of stellar but not quite stellar enough clubs that failed to take that extra step.

time OUT

I know there are those out there that think I'm getting a little too obsessed with this whole "Laval is an Evil Empire" business. But really, come on, after this weekend there is now irrefutable evidence that there is some sort of, I don't know, curse. The Rouge et Or beat us up on our own field on Saturday in the Shrine Bowl.

fashion 101

Concordia's fashion column is back after a short break. This week I will focus on what most of us wear on a daily basis, jeans. Do you remember a time when spending more than a $100 on jeans was considered crazy? As any shopper will tell you, this is no longer the case.

Plagiarism: a serious offense

One of the most important things to remember in journalism (and there is a lot) is to be accountable. As part of the journalism department at Concordia, we are called upon to take an "Ethics in Journalism" course which outlines the many things that you are not allowed to do in our profession.

Concordia: exciting and dynamic

Well there is no doubt about it this year was probably the most memorable one in Concordia University's history. There is always something happening at Concordia and it has definitely made a more interesting stay for students - either positively or negatively depending on your perspective.

CSU executives report card

It is nearing the end of the 2002-2003 academic year and by June, a new CSU executive will be taking the place of our current one. This year's student union like in the past three years has been in the headlines for one reason or another. So how well did Sabine Friesinger's slate do? First, the positives.

Bad attitude will affect Canada

We have decided not to join the coalition of the willing, but as Canadians we are very willing to express our opinions about our neighbors to the south who have chosen war as a resolution to end a Middle Eastern country's dictatorial government. If you want to believe that Bush has acted justly by ignoring the United Nations and its democratic Constitution, then good for you.

Next CSU needs to reach out

As of next Friday, Concordia students will have a new student government and most of the slates that are running have said they want to rebuild our shattered reputation and do something about racism on campus. These are important issues that need to be addressed and all the slates want to do their best to achieve these goals, but whichever slate takes over next year, they are in for a challenge.

Get out and vote for the elections!

The race has officially started for the year-end CSU elections and six different slates are campaigning for your vote. Having these choices, students should have no reservations about voting, but unfortunately many do. All Concordia undergraduate students must vote in the upcoming CSU election and have their say on who should represent them.

Financial records must be public

Recently students and the Board of Governors (BoG) at Concordia have been asking for the budget of the Concordia Student Union. The CSU has refused to disclose its financial records to BoG, and in turn, BoG has said that it will withhold funding until it sees the CSU's budget.