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Concordia considers outsourcing parking

by Archives January 31, 2001
There is a possibility that Concordia university will no longer manage its parking lots.
According to Michael Di Grappa, vice rector (services), if the change were to take place there would be no significant changes for users.
“The university is not in the parking lot business and I believe that if the lots were managed by a parking lot company then students, faculty and staff would get better service,” said Di Grappa.
“There is no deadline for the possible change and the format would be the same,” said Bob MacIver, director of auxiliary services.
Currently, the Garda security company in responsible for running the parking lots on both campuses. With a change of management in the lots, Garda would cease patrolling them.
Di Grappa assures that the level of security would not go down. “Security is (includes) both staff and equipment, like lighting and cameras. The parking lot employees can be trained to deal with emergencies,” said Di Grappa.
He also added that if the change in management were to occur, the parking employees would be taught the procedures regarding communication with the security desks.

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