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Senate byelection result annulled

by Archives October 23, 2002

The results of the recent CSU byelection have been partially annulled.

Chief Electoral Officer Stephan Herman decided to annul the results of the senate race for the John Molson school of business (JMSB) in response to a contestation by JMSB student and senate candidate Maria Perugini.

Because of an electoral oversight, Perugini was listed on the ballot as an Engineering and Computer Science student. She received only 14 votes.

The JMSB senate seat was originally won by former deputy electoral officer Youri Cormier over CSU councillor Peter Tragoulias by a vote of 67 to 66.

According to Herman it will now be up to council to decide the next step. Since this is the first-ever election for senate seats it is not entirely clear what will happen to the now vacant seat. One possibility may be to fill it with an interim senator until the next CSU election, to be held in the spring.

Undergraduate students are currently alloted 10 out of 38 seats on senate.

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