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Letter to the Editor: BDS

by The Concordian November 18, 2014
Letter to the Editor: BDS

I’m glad to see Concordia students like Bradley Martin standing up against the despicable BDS movement. BDS is nothing more than a vicious attempt by misguided Antisemites to discredit the only just democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

While I’ll agree that being opposed to Israel or having issues with its policies does not necessarily equal Antisemitism, the BDS movement is inherently Anti-Jewish. It’s about trying to deprive Jews of their livelihood, not oppose government policies. And it is a massive failure.

Regardless of the fact that BDS is laughable and will never succeed in its goal of erasing Jews from the Middle East, it still must be opposed. The sheer stupidity of the movement is well explained by Martin (will the CSU have all Intel chip removed from the university?). This movement intentionally ignores atrocities around the world and attacks Israel simply because it is a Jewish state.

As the students of Concordia did when I was there in the 2000-2004, I believe they will wake up to the absurdity of their student government’s support of Antisemitism and, if not topple the CSU as we did back then, at least prevent it from embarrassing our school any further.

It’s no secret that year after year the CSU is hijacked by the extreme left because the vast majority of students believe it’s a complete waste of time and energy and ignore it. Once in a while, however, the CSU becomes such an embarrassment that the general population has to get step up and take it down.

Seems like that time is coming again.

Noah Sidel
BA journalism ’04

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