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Letter to the Editor: VOTE YES for Model UN

by The Concordian November 18, 2014
Letter to the Editor: VOTE YES for Model UN

To all fee-levy groups, their employees and all student voters,

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of November, Concordia Model United Nations Education and Leadership Center will have a referendum question on the ballot during CSU by-elections. We are seeking the approval of a fee collection of $0.07 per credit per term. As you may or may not know, we have faced an uphill battle to have our question on the ballot. We faced intense criticism from external groups, and as we realize the importance of transparency and accountability, we want to dispel some of the misconceptions some may have regarding CONMUN becoming a fee-levy group.

NO, CONMUN will not use all your money to fund competitions and travelling. If that were the case, CONMUN would remain a club under the CSU. Yet, this is not what we have in mind. There are things we cannot easily do now as a CSU club, which we can do as a fee-levy group. We want to, as we have already done this year, bring in speakers specializing in human rights, UN Peacekeeping missions, and experts on international justice and law. Yet we want to give back even more to our community. We want to be able to afford to give even more free sessions and training to teach students who want to develop their skills in public speaking, negotiation, policy drafting, and conflict resolution. We are developing a leadership program, for you.

YES, CONMUN will use 40% of our fee-levy budget to develop our leadership program by funding our trainings and developing resources for you, 30% to organize more conferences and bring in more world leading guest speakers, and 20% to fund expenses for competition entry fees. The majority of these entry fees will be funded through fundraising events. In the name of transparency and accountability, as our motives have been previously questioned, the remaining 10% will be used to hire external auditors to review our finances, and make them publicly available to you.

We want to give back to you as much as we can, while strengthening Concordia University’s reputation through our skilled delegates. We want you, future Concordia alumni and global leaders, to have the chance to build your skills and confidence, and exploit your full potential.

VOTE YES for Model UN on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November. On Wednesday November 19th, we will be tabling in the Mezzanine of the Hall building. Please come see what we are about and what we want to be with the help of a fee-levy!


CONMUN Executive

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