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This is to support my friend Rachel Gauthier who is part of Act Together CSU

by The Concordian April 11, 2016

On March 18, I attended the debate between Act Together and Empower Concordia. The debate was very eye opening to bigger issues we have in politics. Act Together showed their knowledge, dedication, and passion for change at Concordia. It was evident that they had done their research on issues at the university as every question from the audience was answered with clarity, direction, and knowledge about the subject. There was a pattern that I noticed throughout the debate. Every question that the audience had, was directed to Empower Concordia to explain one of their previous statements. It seemed as though the audience was confident about team Act Together and they were inquiring about statements that Empower Concordia that did not sit well with them. As this pattern continued, responses from Empower Concordia seemed to continuously be unclear and did not answer the question that was asked. It felt as though they did not have an answer for the question asked, so they rambled about a different issue. The member from the audience kept saying, “you did not answer my question.” It was very clear that Empower Concordia did not make any valid or effective points that resolved the issues being brought up. As this was continuously taking place, Act Together had an answer that was well thought out and carefully considered as they seemed to have been made aware of the issue at hand already. In my opinion, I would feel safer with the decisions being made at Concordia with knowledgeable candidates who impose change in a positive and realistic way.

-Janine Italiano, first year year sociology student, third year Concordia student

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