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Tennis players still can’t play in red zones

by Alec Brideau March 16, 2021
Tennis players still can’t play in red zones

Despite the resumption of many activities, tennis is still not allowed to take place in the Greater Montreal area

With vaccinations for COVID-19 accelerating and the spring season coming up, Quebec is allowing more and more activities to resume, depending on your location. However, despite having shopping malls, cinemas and museums open, many sports like tennis are still prohibited in the Greater Montreal area.

This has frustrated sports centres such as Tennis 13 in Laval, which keeps posting videos on Facebook about how safe and healthy tennis is for people. They also shared a photo that compares the number of people in some places currently open, versus the number of people that would be allowed in a sports centre like theirs.

Before the curfew was put into place, people could play tennis, badminton and some other indoor, individual sports in Montreal. We haven’t been given clear reasons as to why these activities have been prohibited since the curfew’s creation, which is frustrating since they could be taking place safely in the daytime.

Many people are currently worrying about childrens’ health; their favourite sport often represents everything to them. Some school-related sports recently restarted for those in orange zones, but for people in the Greater Montreal area, it might just be too late when we decide to reopen sports centres and allow back some activities.

People who hoped to have their favourite winter sports back, like hockey, have probably already thrown in the towel due to the time of the year we find ourselves in. Fortunately, as spring is coming up, sports like tennis can be played outside shortly.


Graphic by Rose-Marie Dion

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