LGBTQ get “Ally” at ConU

Last Friday, a new community was formed for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and questioners. The LGBTQ community is lauching a project called “Ally” in order to develop allies for the community and to make Concordia a safe haven.
The object is to create safe spaces on campus for these groups. People and offices will be marked with a pin or sign displayed with an inverted pink triangle and the word “Ally.” These symbols indicate that the person or office is a safe place and that they have undergone a training seminar regarding the LGBTQ community.
The Commitee is made up of members from Student Services, Dean of Students Office, Health Services, Counselling and Development, Concordia’s Residence and the Concordia Out Collective. For questions, comments or seminar information call Melanie Drew at 848-3565 or [email protected]

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