Professors submit grades late

Many undergraduate professors were late handing in their Fall 2000 grades, according to statistics from the registrar’s office.
As of Jan. 15, 1,890 grades were outstanding in 80 sections in Arts and Science. Twenty-nine grades were not received for five Commerce and Administrations sections, while 1,224 outstanding grades were registered for 60 Engineering and Computer Science sections. For 27 Fine Arts sections, 315 grades had not been reported.
The situation had improved by Jan. 23, with the number of outstanding grades dropping by more than half in all faculties.
Usually, professors have seven working days from their last examination to turn in class grades to the registrar’s office, said Concordia registrar Lynne Prendergast. Three more days are allotted to enter the data into the computer.
If students do not have a grade 10 days after their professor’s last exam, they should complain, Prendergast said.
She said she has no authority to force professors to submit their marks on time. “All I can do is make statements at senate [about how late things are].”


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