Election glitch pops up

There are some glitches in the CSU’s election system. On Tuesday, some students who voted at the polling booth in the lobby of Loyola’s Administration Building
did not have their identification cards marked, as they were supposed to be.
This may allow for students to vote again.
“It was a mistake that happened. The elections officers forgot to mark the cards, but that does not mean that we don’t have ways of verifying people that have voted twice,” said Majdi Lahdhiri, chief electoral officer.
Some Concordian writers who voted at the Administration Building noticed that identification cards were not marked before 4:30 p.m.
According to Lahdhiri, this kind of error also occurred in the Visual Arts Building on Rene-Levesque.
He added that this method of preventing voter fraud is not listed in the regulations, but was put in place anyway.
Polling clerks attended a meeting where they became more familiar with CSU election and referendum regulations.
A polling clerk, who wished to remain anonymous, said that she had forgotten some of the rules. “There are so many rules. I can’t remember them all.”

Lahdhiri said there are other ways to prevent students from voting more than once. Students’ names are compiled into huge books that are given to polling
clerks at the voting stations. Names are crossed out after each student votes.
But Lahdhiri added that they only check the lists of students from the four polling stations when there is an unusually high number of rejected or spoiled
ballots after the initial ballot counting is complete.
Ballots are considered spoiled when a person submits a blank ballots or too many choices are made. Ballots are also spoiled if the polling clerk forgets to initial the ballots before handling them to the voter or irrelevant markings are written onto ballots – jokes, for example.
Those who are found to have voted more than once must apologize and will be barred from voting in the future. But the votes themselves cannot be cancelled because the vote is secret, Lahdhiri said.

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