ConU breaks ground for the Loyola Science Complex

On June 15, Concordia held a ground breaking ceremony for the Loyola Science complex. Expected to open in September 2003, this is the first major renewal of the science facilities since 1965.
“This is a great day for Loyola and the city of Montreal,” stated Rector and Vice-Chancellor Frederick Lowy, in his opening remarks for the ceremony.
The new Science Complex will house the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Exercise Science, Physics, Science College, a major component of Psychology and several research centers.
Dean of Arts and Science, Martin Singer said that the complex was a realization of a dream and will transform Concordia.
CSU president Sabrina Stea wondered where the university’s priority was. “Why should the university be focusing on the sciences? Are we in competition with McGill? Concordia is primarily an Arts university and that is what we are known for.”
During Singer’s speech he noted that the sciences needed more space and facilities to do research.
“Everybody needs space,” said Stea. “How do you determine which department has priority for space?”
“The faculty will be helping with the funding of the Science complex,” said Singer. Singer is referring to a board of governors’ decision to allow, if needed, the faculty of Arts and Science to use 5 per cent of its operating budget to fund the new science complex.
The city of Montreal’s executive committee chairman, Jean Fortier, also attended the ceremony. “This is a very stimulating project. The life of N.D.G has improved as result of Concordia.”
“In order to move forward we need to move courageously and in order to make leaps we need to jump chasms,” said Lowy during his speech. After the ceremony, Lowy added the science complex would renew academic programs with the new facilities and once the Science complex was built then the other three buildings downtown would be built.
“I feel exhilarated. This is best thing to happen to the sciences. The new complex is a win-win situation, better facilities attract better professors and students. Also this complex shows that Concordia is moving ahead to the 21st Century,” said Singer.

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