Animal rights group oppose Thanksgiving turkey slaughter

“Thanksgiving is murder on turkeys,” claims the Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA), as the group launched a campaign Oct. 4 to coincide with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) national effort.
“No living creature should be killed or held in horrid conditions,” said Jenn Mosher, member of CARA and the executive administrative assistant for the CSU. “There are alternatives out there.”
In an effort to deter people from eating turkey on the holiday, the university group was handing out rolls of mock turkey and meat substitutes for students to try, instead of the traditional holiday bird. As well, CARA passed out vegetarian recipes which excluded the gobbling fowl from the menu.
Some reaction from students, however, showed that kicking the habit of eating meat on Thanksgiving may take a bit more than cold turkey.
“A lot of people were hesitant to try [the substitutes],” said Mosher. “But a lot of people were surprised at the taste.”
PETA held similar campaigns in cities across Canada last week, including Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary.

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