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Concordia is a hotbed of athletics. With several successful varsity teams, the school is developing a reputation as a prime sports institution.
But it’s not only at the varsity level that Concordia has an impressive
We have a solid recreational program as well.
The CIHL (hockey) is probably the most popular of all the intramural leagues with over 25 teams, but it is not the only league that is around.
There is a highly competitive basketball league, volleyball league, and even a touch football league.
Yes, touch football, the game you played as a kid during recess… and the league is good.
It runs every Sunday, and showcases some impressive talent.
And talent is a common thread throughout all of the recreational leagues.
Even division V hockey is competitive.
And while these leagues are little heard of throughout the school – most of the focus is n the Stingers – there are well over 1000 students, staff and alumni participating.
These leagues do need a higher profile, however.
Aside from the small column we have dedicated to intramurals, Your Sports, there is little other publicity or talk of them.
The trophy case with past winners is hidden away on the middle floor of the Loyola Athletics Complex, and still features photos of the champions from two seasons ago.
There is a website, www.esportsdesk.com, where athletes and Curious Georges can look up the scores, stats, and standings, but it too is poorly advertised.
While word of mouth is an important advertising tool, and it has certainly
benefitted the recreational program, a little postering and proper advertising might help the program grow even larger.
This is not to say that the organizers are not doing their jobs properly, but it seems as if the intramurals are somewhat of an afterthought to most people, and this need not be.
The leagues are extremely well organized, but they are not particularly well publicized.
Concordia is in the midst of an athletic rebirth with several fantastic varsity teams getting more and more fans in the stands… what about the intramurals?
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