Students to hold art exhibition in response to Sept.11

Students to hold art exhibition in response to Sept.11
By Diana Thibeault
A group of Concordia students will be holding an art exhibition in January
called Art 4 Peace in response to Sept. 11 tragedy and to give students a
platform with which to express themselves about the situation of the world
through visual arts.
Some of the themes of the exhibit are: grieving for the victims of violence,
war/world peace, unity of the human family, racism/anti-racism and children of
the earth.
“I was watching television one night and I thought to myself that I had to do
something in response to Sept.11,” said Miri Segalowitz, one of the four
students who is organizing the exhibit.
All work that is to be presented at the exhibit will be reviewed by committee of
Concordia professors. The committee will review the art work to make sure that
none of the art work is racist and is not propaganda.
“Since this is a delicate subject, we want to make sure that there are no racial
comments or anything that goes against our mandate,” said Francois-Pierre
Couture, another organizer of the exhibit. “This exhibit is non-partisan.”
The exhibit will open on Jan. 17 at the Black Students Centre at 1968 de
Maisonneuve. Both Couture and Segalowitz are hoping to have the exhibit run for
a month. They are not sure how long the exhibit will be since they are still
accepting submissions. Any Concordia student can submit to the exhibit.
Art 4 Peace is being funded by the dean of students office, the fine arts
department, Art Matters and the Graduate Student Association. Both organizers do
not know the exact amount of funding they will receive, but it will be enough to
cover their expenses. Funds that are leftover will be given to Doctors Without
“We chose Doctor Without Borders because they have no political affiliation and
they help so many people. We will be having a donation box at the exhibit for
them,” said Segalowitz.
Up to this point, Art 4 Peace has about 20 submissions for the exhibit. The
deadline for the exhibit was Nov. 12, but the organizers said that they are
still accepting submissions.
Eligible media for the exhibit are: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography
and mixed media.
“This is not a competition. This is an opportunity for students to express their
opinions about the situation in the world,” said Couture.

For more information about Art 4 Peace email: [email protected]


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