Representative union wins byelection

The Representative Union (RU)has won the CSU byelections with 1,638 votes. In all 3,603 students voted for a presidential candidate.
According to Chief Electoral Officer Jessica Lajambe, the Umbrella Party came in second with 1,374 votes, a difference of 264. New Organized Way came in last with 591 votes.
RU won despite allegations of bribing New Organized Way into dropping out of the race and being disqualified and requalified in one day. RU representatives said that they were cornered by New Organized Way.
Lajambe said that 45 votes were spoiled and that about 95 students voted twice in the election. “Each student will be contacted and will be given a fine. They will be barred from voting for the next two years and their right to run as candidates will be taken away.”
Not only must Lajambe deal with the fining of the students, but she must also address over 50 contestations of the byelections. “I am treating all complaints as contestations. Most of the contestations deal with the referendum question.”

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