Senate announces a new formula for funding

Rector and Vice-Chancellor Frederick Lowy said at the Nov. 30 university senate meeting that he is nervous about a new formula to fund universities.
Chief Financial Officer Larry English said that this new formula would mean a decrease in funding for fine art students, but an increase in funding for education, commerce and engineering. “I don’t know what the effects will be of this formula, it has yet to be determined,” added English.
The new fromula is based on the provincial government’s estimate on how much students are worth in a particular cycle and how much a faculty is worth.
“I want everyone to understand that I won’t accept a large reduction in funding from the provincial government. This formula is specific and it is not based on an observed average cost, but on assumptions on how much things cost,” Lowy said.
He added that Concordia would fully fund all programs and the worst scenario that could happen with this new formula, is to put the university $4.6 million into debt.
“We are in discussions with other universities and the provincial government about this formula,” Lowy said. “We cannot fund students in this way.”
Encouraged to take a position on book
Senator Clarence Bayne recommended to senate that ite take a position on Adolf Hitler’s bookstore Mein Kampf in light of the recent decision that the owner of the Indigo and Chapters book chain to shelve the book. Heather Reisman, the owner of the chain said it was hate literature. He encouraged senate to discuss this issue at a future senate meeting.

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