It’s official: CANDO wins

Team CANDO, considered by many to be the underdog going into the elections, defeated the favoured Representative Union in last week’s elections by just over 300 votes to become Concordia’s executive for the upcoming academic year.
Chief Electoral Officer Stephan Herman announced CANDO’s close victory over the RU at approximately 3:30 a.m. Friday to an increasingly restless and exhausted audience of candidates, friends and journalists at Reggie’s.
CANDO President-elect Sabine Friesinger, whose slate garnered 1,718 votes to RU’s 1,396, was nearly speechless after her slate’s victory was announced, saying only that she was “overwhelmed” by the results.

Schulz accepted defeat with class

RU presidential hopeful Chris Schulz, running for president for the third time in the past year, accepted the defeat with class, saying it was a hard fought battle and that the students had spoken. When asked what this spells for his future in student politics, Schulz responded, “the sky’s the limit,” but refused to speculate on what would come next.
The people who seemed most surprised by CANDO’s victory were the CANDO candidates themselves.
“I’m shocked,” said newly VP academic-elect Ralph Lee. He credits CANDO’s victory with their emphasis on the issues concerning students. “We ran a really positive campaign with a strong platform. We have a lot of good things to offer,” added Lee over the noisy celebration following the announcement.
“I really didn’t know who was going to win,” said VP finance- elect Sameer Zuberi. “All I know is that now we have to start doing the job we were elected to.”
That job is a large one. They are the first slate to take office since ACCESS resigned last fall under pressure from Concordia students. One of their first tasks, said VP campaigns-elect Aaron Mat


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