Helping to make heads or tails of dollars and cents

Concordia is teaming up with CBC radio, CBC television and weekly alternative newspaper Hour for a series of events for the Montreal Matters project.

With its core theme of ‘money’, the project will cover a number of topics concerning various financial issues.

It is based on a similar idea that began in Chicago, called Chicago Matters that was set up to deal with a number of social issues that face communities every day. CBC started the project in Montreal and proceeded to find support in a partnership. “Concordia was approached back in January and they loved the idea,” said CBC Communications Director Kate Arthur.

The idea of the project is to function as partners and to work as team to inform the community about a specific topic that directly involves them.

Various events held throughout the city will be geared toward Montreal and and how the city is faring in its dealings with the dollar sign. Perhaps it is fitting that the university is involved, as money – or rather the lack of it – has traditionally been the bane of many students’ existence.

A talk on Oct. 30 titled Money and Education will be of particular interest to students because it will deal with the issue of quality post-secondary education and will include a discussion and debate concerning financial situations at Canadian universities. Speakers will include Dennis Murphy, executive director of university communications; Maria Peluso, president of the Concordia Part-Time Faculty Association and Yves Engler, CSU VP communications.

As part of the Montreal Matters project, the talk “Money and Education” will take place Oct. 30 at the De Seve Cinema at 1 p.m. Students are encouraged to attend.


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