CSU gets a little help from their friends

The CSU is planning to once again challenge the new rules implemented by the university’s Board of Governors (BoG) after the violent protests that forced the cancellation of a speech by former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Sept. 9. This time they’ll have help, though.

Calling the BoG’s decision to place a moratorium on public discussion on Middle East affairs “appalling,” New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Svend Robinson informed The Concordian on Tuesday that he, along with NDP MP Libby Davies and activist Judy Rebick, will be holding a talk at Concordia concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the possible U.S.-led war on Iraq.

“Even in Israel itself, right at Haifa University in the middle of Gaza, there hasn’t been this kind of an attempt to stifle freedom of speech,” he said over the phone from BC.

Robinson said the talk will mainly focus on the trio’s recent trips to the Middle East. Robinson himself was last there in April, Davies visited the region last May, and Rebick spent time in the area in July with a group which included both CSU President Sabine Friesinger and VP Campaigns Aaron Mat


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