CSU finalizes “building for the future” project

It’s official.

It’s looking like the sixth and seventh floors at Sir George Williams will finally be getting the much-needed facelift. At a meeting of the CSU and the Administration on July 14, the project was finalized.
The Space and Administration Committee members, which is made up by group members that are moving and getting new office space and the CSU, met to put the final touches on a long overdue idea that has officially been named the “building for the future” project.

Brent Farrington, CSU’s VP of Student Environment, reported two weeks ago some of the legal details still had to be worked out before any estimation for the cost of the project could begin.

“We got the go ahead to start the estimation process,” he said. “It has already started.”

The project involves the relocation of the CSU administration offices from the sixth floor to the seventh floor. The move is to provide a more visible and functioning student union. A new reception area and waiting lounge will be a major part of the project and so will a student study room.

Presently, the sixth floor office is cramped and outdated. The CSU Administration will be moving everything they have but it is still not clear which offices will be climbing the stairs to the seventh.

The new digs will only provide the basics that include the CSU being connected to the university phone system.

“The university provides us with desks and chairs and the phone link,” says Farrington. “But as far as new equipment goes that is up to the CSU.”

Masters student Gloria Harris is happy to see some renovations on the seventh floor.

“Years ago I used to eat and study at the seventh floor cafeteria. I have seen some small renovations there in the last few years, but nothing of any major significance. At one time they did put in some temporary offices for groups and even built a smoking section, but it [seventh floor] was never anything much to look at.”

What to do with seventh floor has always been a question. Last year the administration had expected to rejuvenate the seventh floor cafeteria when it said sayonara to its food provider Sodexho and welcomed Chartwells. But expectations were capped when Chartwells decided to renovate the Tim Hortons in the Library Building. Dagwoods and Pizza Hut unceremoniously packed up and shipped out leaving much of the seventh floor vacant except for the meeting rooms where local community groups meet.

The cost for the renovations is still up in the air and that is largely in part because the estimation process has not been completed.

“It is also because it is not the CSU who is paying for the project,” says Farrington.

Construction is set to begin by late August and the CSU expects to be on the move by January 2004. More information about groups who will be moving will be available as the project evolves.


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