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Stingers take bite out of Gee-Gees

by Archives October 22, 2003

The Ottawa Gee-Gees brought into town a tough playing style in an attempt to win over the Concordia Stingers’ women’s rugby team.

In the end, they left town with their tails between their legs as the Stingers ended their regular season with a bang with a tough 15-14 win.

Despite their losing record, the Gee-Gees proved to be a worthy opponent by playing a tough game from the very start. The first half was evenly split between both teams with most of the play happening at mid-field. The Gee-Gees contained the Stingers’ offence with a rough and tough defensive play.

Early penalties put the Stingers on their heels, pinning them deep into their own end.

This ended up cursing the Stingers as the Gee-Gees broke the scoreless tie at the half’s midway point, scoring their first try as a result of a Stinger penalty. Ottawa quickly jumped to a 7-0 lead following a successful convert.

The Maroon and Gold would not allow the Gee-Gees to take on such a lead, and started marching down the field a few minutes later.

Right before the end of the half, captain Sommer Christie took charge and carried the ball home from midfield, pulling her team within two points of the lead by halftime.

The Stingers’ offence seemed to get a second wind in the second half as they dominated the play in order to turn the game in their favour.

After being stopped at the goal line on several occasions, the Stingers finally broke the through the defence to score their second try and to capture a 10-7 lead. Furthermore, the Stingers added on to their lead with another try shortly after.

However, the Gee-Gees refused to go down without a fight. With the score 15-7 in favour of the Stingers, the Gee Gees attempted to mount a late comeback.

They scored a second try, and converted later in the half to cut Concordia’s lead to one single point. Unfortunately for them, that was as close as the Gee Gees would get.

The home team managed to hold off their visitors in the final minutes to earn a hard-fought 15-14 victory.

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