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by Archives November 17, 2004

It was a really, really, really bad couple of days for football this weekend in Montreal. I mean, it’s not so horrible that the Als lost, (aside from the fact that they lost to “the T.O.”) we’ve been spoiled in the past with those guys, but having to watch the Laval Rouge et Or continue their march towards another Vanier Cup is truly gag worthy. With a win over the previously unbeaten Montreal Carabins the Evil Empire once again showed they are supremely gifted in the areas of athleticism, determination and dark magic.

Football wasn’t the only sport that had Montreal University soaked in the Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) spotlight this past weekend. The school hosted the national soccer championships where McGill had both the Redmen and Martlets competing in the finals. Why do I bother mentioning this? Because the Redmen lost to the Victoria Vikes, the Martlets lost to the Trinity Western Spartans and we like it when McGill loses. It also takes out a lot of the sting from all the success Laval’s been having.

As someone who has spent an unhealthy amount of time around the men’s hockey team over the past few years, I’ve been waiting awhile to do this but I’m happy to say that Joey D’Amico has arrived. I watched 10 minutes of the Stinger’s game against the Ryerson Rams on Saturday and saw the team’s captain score two goals. Those were just two of his eight points in two games last weekend. At one point last year I said the guy was on pace to have a great season and he did pretty good. Forget about it, this year D’Amico’s looking like MVP material, and with any luck he’ll be getting some healthy competition from a couple of his teammates.

Finally, just thought you should know, the women’s basketball team cracked the national rankings at #10.

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